Omkar Sawardekar

Gods - OMEN

Omkar “Omen” Sawardekar is an Indian player who is currently playing with Gods Reign. He previously played and represented his previous esports organization in Pokémon UNITE World Championship 2022.

At present Omen plays as the role of “Jungle/Mid” in Pokémon Unite team of Gods Reign.

Omen with his outstanding performance in Pokemon UNITE Championship Series 2022 – managed to secure the title of “Most Valuable Player” of India Region in the world championship. Omen represented “Team India” in Pokémon UNITE World Championship 2022 London.

Omen – “I am very confident with my new team and looking forward to bring more trophies home alongside individual titles thus proving my audience why i am considered to be the best player of India Region.”

Born in:

Maharashtra, India


22 Years

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