Gods Reign Valorant Roster

Introducing Gods Reign – Valorant Roster

Announcing the starting roster for our Gods Reign Valorant division.

Gods Reign, a professional gaming and entertainment company announces the starting roster for their Gods Reign Valorant division.

In Game Leader: Simar “Psy” Sethi
Sentinel: Vibhor “Vibhor” Vaid
Controller: Garvit “Ember” Nehra
Duelist: Abhay “Knight Rider” Mulchandani
Initiator: Aman “Hoax” Yadav

"Gods Reign is honoured to have this roster signed, Gods Reign is heavily investing in Valorant by Signing top players of India to kick start the roster, we are prepared to compete in Valorant's upcoming domestic League's which includes the GXR Invitational Offseason, Penta Pro Series Valorant Offseason, Taiwan Excellence Gaming Cup, Esports Premier Series Q2 scheduled for the 4th quarter of the year 2022 and much more which will be helpful for our roster as training wheels for VALORANT CHALLENGERS CIRCUIT 2023 by Riot games. The player's individual skills in the game throughout this year were extremely appreciated, and we look forward to watching them play as a team and compete in their next chapter under Gods Reign.”

We’re Excited in Bringing Our Unique Style to the Esports and our Fans, We Will Continue To Make Our Mark As Spearheading force of culture in Esports.

“I am thrilled to sign with Gods Reign as an Duelist in their Valorant Roster. With all my experience and grind in the game, I'm looking forward to take our team to an advance level. We as a team will now focus on synchronising our experience to improvise our skill set to compete in Higher Tier.”

Written by Gods Reign Staff