Gods Reign roster fields vibhoRR, Hoax, Ember, Tixx, and Autumn for the upcoming VCT Challengers.

Known for his aggressive playstyle, vibhoRR’s greatness lies in anchoring the site as a sentinel. Through lurking and clutching rounds, he stands out in the community.

Hoax uses calculated aggression to set up his duelist. With explosive gameplay and loud tactics, he supports his team to victory.

As a controller, Ember supports his team with his comfort zone of a smoke agent. Using skills required to anchor his team towards the trophy, Ember is a key player of the roster.

Tixx is an aggressive initiator and IGL who prepares scrims for his team. He calls his teams alongside the ability to frag well.

Autumn is a calculated duelist who uses Hoax’s setting him up for fast reactions and adaptability through rounds and matches.

Speaking about the roster, Nick ‘Tixx’ Quinn –  “I am super excited to compete in the Indian league this year and be surrounded by some of India’s top talents. I am beyond confident that we will compete at the top level this year and I am excited to show you the improvements and preparation that has gone into this team to ensure we can not only compete regionally but also internationally against the best teams in Asia.” 

Speaking about the roster and the unveil, Gods Reign CEO KR Rohith adds: “Through our foreknowledge of the community and its players, we have chosen 5 outstanding players each of whom as accomplished in their roles within the team. Our goal is to settle for nothing less than the top position and lead our organisation to the international stage.”

Written by Gods Reign Staff